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Over the past decade, we have provided all kinds of interpreting services for More than 280,000+ hours

Professional interpreting

Over the years, EDC Translation Company has selected and reserved about 1000 excellent interpreters from all over the country. We have also formed a service system divided according to regions and sectors, so we can provide you with the most appropriate solutions according to different forms, places, sectors and themes of interpreting activities.

Interpreting types

We provide interpreting services, including ordinary escort interpreting, business conference interpreting, technical escort interpreting, exhibition interpreting, conference consecutive interpreting, simultaneous interpreting, bilingual host and meeting shorthand. Both conference consecutive interpreting and simultaneous interpreting belong to conference interpreting which has high expectations of interpreters’ psychological quality, field experience and interpreting accuracy.

Some interpreters are also masters of ceremonies in some occasions (press conferences/new product release conferences/public relations ceremonies). The business conference interpreting involves the board meetings/visits of foreign delegations to China/project negotiations and other official occasions and generally, no more than 10 participants. Such interpreting requires interpreters to have a good command of both languages and have good coordination capabilities.

Languages & Fields

We provide interpreting services of more than 20 languages, including English, Japanese, Korean, German, French, Russian, Spanish, Italian and Arabic. Over the past 10 years, EDC has provided interpreting services for all kinds of conferences and forums, covering finance, economics, management, manufacturing, IT communication, machinery, automotive, medical, chemical and energy industries. Here are the interpreting service projects that we can provide:



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