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Over the past decade, we have translated more than 990,000,000+words

Professional translatio

EDC Translation Company possesses a group of global multi-language translators and provides high-quality professional translation services for global enterprises and persons by means of its 10 years of language service experience, strong project management, technical support and a language asset management team.

Document types

Laws and regulations, contracts and agreements, administrative provisions, administrative manuals, articles of association, feasibility research reports, product instructions, product manuals, product information, installation manuals, operation manuals, safety manuals, maintenance manuals, business documents, sales manuals, catalogs, publicity material, press release, financial statements, audit reports, technical documents, technical specifications, tendering and bidding documents, patent specifications, academic papers, training material, certificates, and materials for immigration and overseas study.

Translated languages

EDC focuses on translation services and can offer inter-translation between Chinese and English, or between Chinese/English and over 80 languages, including Japanese, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Malay, Hindi, Cambodian, Burmese, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Hungarian, Polish, Russian, Ukrainian, Albanian, Kazakh, Latvian, Serbian, Macedonian, Arabic, Hebrew, Persian, Romanian and Turkish.

Industries and fields

We have competitive advantages in over 30 fields, such as electric power, petroleum, chemical, automotive, law, finance and economics, management, IT communication, manufacturing, engineering, finance, communication, publishing, machinery, medical, energy, academic paper and patent, etc.

Team of professionals

Over 80% of our translators are postgraduates or returned students with CATTI certificates and at least five years of translation experience. Our HR department performs classified management of all the translators according to different professional fields and our project manager will, according to the sector where the client is in and the professional field of the project, assign translators that have the same background or expertise, so as to ensure the professional and accurate translations. In addition, we also have a strong team of foreign translators. All the texts that need to be translated from one foreign language to another are completed by senior native translators and/or proofreaders, so as to make sure that the translations are accurate and idiomatic and conform to the linguistic and cultural customs of the corresponding countries.

Translation process

Team advantage

The peculiarity and disposability of translation service require that the project must be done one time once it starts, or it may cause unrecoverable loss to clients. We promise to provide clients with high-quality translation service by the following means:


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