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China’ SMEs Global Development Forum

“Taking on the mission and building a harmonious society”- Global Social Entrepreneurs Forum. Mr. Kofi Annan, Former Secretary-General of the United Nations attended and made an important speech at the forum of which EDC was the only global expansion solution partner.


Organized by the Global Alliance of SMEs (GASME), Beijing Huaxia Management College and Shihua Zhiye Investment Group, the “Global Social Entrepreneurs Forum” was held in Beijing Yanqi Lake International Convention & Exhibition Center. Over 2000 elites from SMEs attended this forum.

Theme of the Forum: Take on the Mission, and Build a harmonious Society.

The VIPs attended the forum included: Mr. Kofi Annan, Former Secretary-General of the United Nations; Mr. Lee Soo-sung, Former Prime Minister of Republic of Korea; Mr. Carlos Magarinos, Former UNIDO Director-General and Global Chairman of GASME; Mr. Long Yongtu, Chief Negotiator of China’s WTO Accession; Ms. Yang Lan, President of Sun Media Group and Sun Culture Foundation; Dr. George Wang, Executive Chairman of GASME, Director of Finance Department of City University of New York and Executive Director of Peking University HSBC Business School SME Center; Mr. He Wenwei, Vice Chairman of GASME and Former Commercial Counselor of Consulate-General of the P.R.China in NY; Mr. Jiang Xipei, President of Far East Holding Group; Mr. Liu Qihui, President of Business Media Group, etc.

The concept, practice and theory of corporate social responsibility has become a topic of concern after long-standing evolution and development. Future global economic growth and prosperity depend on the strategic development of enterprises, win-win cooperation and collaboration among entrepreneurs in the world, as well as the entrepreneurship. Therefore, leaders from various business areas, senior executives of enterprises and NGO representatives gather together in Beijing to discuss the prospect of the substantial economy, innovation and transformation of business modes, establishment of corporate social responsibilities, Internet plus and capital financing under the new normal of Chinese economy.

Mr. Kofi Annan, Former Secretary-General of the United Nations pointed out in his speech that economic growth and zero emissions strategies were not mutually exclusive, but they were compatible instead and can be achieved together. Though the economic globalization has brought economic development opportunities to quite a few countries, there are millions of people who are living in misery, poverty and hunger and are threatened by violence, upheaval and diseases. Inequality, poverty gap, environmental deterioration, resource exhaustion and other problems need to be solved by joint cooperation not only among countries but among industries. And the commerce is the core factor to realize cooperation. In all over the world, SMEs have taken up over 90% of enterprises and they are now undertaking this responsibility. They have innovated continuously to create new jobs and promote the development of sustainable and inclusive economy. We should encourage companies and entrepreneurs to partner with universities and research institutes to develop energy-efficient buildings, smart transportation systems, and climate-friendly waste management solutions. Businesses should also provide relevant information about their production procedures and product characteristics to encourage consumers to purchase eco-friendly items. Responsible investors must assess the social and environmental impact of their investments before making the right and critical decisions. From Mr. Annan’s own experience, he concluded that healthy and harmonious societies are based on three pillars: peace and security; inclusive development; and the rule of law and respect for human rights. As long as we work together, we can build a more sustainable future for all societies founded on these three pillars.

Mr. Lee Soo-sung, Former Prime Minister of Republic of Korea emphasized that social responsibility should not be limited in one’s own country. No matter in which country, SMEs play a very important role in the social economy. For example, in Republic of Korea, 99% of all the enterprises are small and medium-sized. More than 85% of employees in the country are working for those SMEs. Taking social responsibility is every enterprise’s obligation. In the past, maximizing profit was the only goal for almost every enterprise, which caused severe problems such as wealth gap and social inequality. The products manufactured are not limited to a small range but face the whole world, so entrepreneurs’ social responsibility should never be limited to a small range.Mr. Lee indicated that all of the entrepreneurs should establish the spirit of internationalism, take on social responsibility with a global view, and treat all the people around the world as our family members with mutual understanding and mutual respect.

       Mr. Carlos Magarinos,Former UNIDO Director-General and Global Chairman of GASME pointed out that undertaking social responsibilities is a significant index to judge an enterprise. The international cooperation between countries and companies is the key to realizing global integration and improving the living conditions of the people. There are several ways to achieve the goal: first, improve approaches to capital acquisition, supplement traditional bank lending with capital instruments, and strengthen asset-backed financing of SMEs and innovative entrepreneurs; second, improve access to the global market and communications; third, improve global and local innovation network, infrastructure and ways of purchase; fourth, encourage scientific research institutes of universities to cooperate with SMEs in environmental friendly materials areas related to environmental protection. He said that the modern connections between investors, companies and consumers have formed a community to take on social responsibilities. GASME fully understands this new reality and stands ready to play its role in the new international environment. It will help Chinese enterprises obtain more benefits from trade and investment flows, better understand international agreements on critical issues such as finance and climate, better estimate the opportunity provided by new technologies, better evaluate how to increase productivity while protecting the environment, and better anticipate major political and economic trends.

Mr. Long Yongtu, Chief Negotiator of China’s WTO Accession indicated that entrepreneurs should make great efforts to improve the quality of China’s economy in the new age of transformation. Meanwhile, an equal and fair market environment is needed for enterprises to provide better service and products for the people and improve the quality of their life. With that, those service and products will then grab large share in the global market.

Dr. George Wang, Director of Finance Department of City University of New York shared his points of view on the SMEs development in the era of Internet under the economic new normal. He emphasized that the greatest benefit that Internet brings to SMEs was to lower corporate costs in information collection, product marketing, financing and production.

Mr. He Weiwen, Former Commercial Counselor of Consulate-General of the P.R.China in NY pointed out that the overseas expansion of China’s enterprises are obligated to fulfill social responsibility, which means Chinese companies should not only succeed in China, but also in the whole world. Regardless of challenges and difficulties, environmental protection is always the key responsibility for every Chinese entrepreneur and carbon emission reduction is a must for every enterprise.

The ecosystem involves global economic situation, current situation in China and corporate survival and development. Ms. Yang Lan, President of Sun Media Group and Sun Culture Foundation noted in her speech that charitable activities needed to be done by having all the people work together, only by which a more harmonious, prosperous and sustainable Chinese society can be built. With the experience of having dealing with the Rockefellers, Yang pointed out that charity unites the society and makes wealth the driving force for the social development.

On the afternoon of November 25, the ceremony of donation from Beijing Huaxia Management College to Kofi Annan Foundation was held in Beijing Huaxia Management College. Mr. Kofi Annan and Mr. Carlos Magarinos attended the ceremony and delivered speeches.

On the morning of November 28, the party of Mr. Lee Soo-sung, Former Prime Minister of Republic of Korea, visited Beijing Huaxia Management College for an one-the-spot investigation and encouraged China’s first free university.

The Global Social Entrepreneurs Forum was co-organized by Beijing Shihua Enterprise Management Co., Ltd, Beijing Huaxia Business School and Huayouhui Technology Group.

500 presidents, executive vice-presidents and secretaries general of representative state, provincial and city-level chambers of commerce attended the forum, as well as persons in charge of foreign chambers of commerce in China.

During the Global Social Entrepreneurs Forum, EDC served as the only partner of the forum and provider of global expansion solution and simultaneous interpreting service and provided interpreting service for world leaders throughout the forum, which was highly praised by all the guests.

Simultaneous interpreting for Mr. Carlos, Global Chairman of GASME

EDC team members are handing out simultaneous interpreting earphones to guests

Mr. Carlos is listening to Mr. Kofi Annan through simultaneous interpreting

Simultaneous interpreters of EDC are interpreting in the booths

Mr. Carlos grants EDC the specified simultaneous interpreting partner of GASME

Photo of Mr. Chen, CEO of EDC, and Mr. Kofi Annan, Former Secretary-General of United Nations

EDC’s simultaneous interpreting service is highly praised


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